Stage 5 – The Sanctuary Release 3

The Sanctuary release at Harvest, could offer you the option of waking up to views of the Watagan Mountain Range and Four Mile Creek.

A true nature-lover’s delight, this special pocket of the Sanctuary is for everything you will love about life in Harvest; serene streetscapes, stunning vistas, nature trails and open spaces.

Hurry, just six beautiful lots overlooking Four Mile Creek are available!

  • Lot sizes range from 503m² to 798m²
  • Premium location with unmatched views
  • A limited selection of lots overlooking Four Mile Creek and beyond
  • Fully serviced lots upon completion
  • NBN connected community

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LOT NUMBERSIZE (sqm)Frontage (m)Street AddressPRICESTATUS
517604.518.00Billabong Parade$255,000DEPOSITED
518604.318.00Billabong Parade$255,000DEPOSITED
519604.018.00Billabong Parade$255,000DEPOSITED
520603.818.00Billabong Parade$255,000DEPOSITED
521603.618.00Billabong Parade$255,000DEPOSITED
524503.015.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
525503.115.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
526503.315.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
527503.515.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
528503.615.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
529503.915.00Tarragon Way$230,000DEPOSITED
539572.916.9Tarragon Way236,000DEPOSITED
54272318.6Tarragon Way259,000DEPOSITED
546615.318.00Tarragon Way$241,000DEPOSITED
547529.215.00Tarragon Way$232,000AVAILABLE
548544.215.00Tarragon Way$233,000AVAILABLE
549559.215.00Tarragon Way$234,000DEPOSITED
550574.215.00Tarragon Way$235,000DEPOSITED
551589.215.00Tarragon Way$238,000DEPOSITED
552604.215.00Tarragon Way$239,000DEPOSITED


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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