Rosemary & Robert Rudge

Although friends think that they are crazy for leaving Salamander Bay, Rosemary and Robert are looking forward to joining the Harvest community.

“We love Harvest’s peaceful setting and rural outlook across paddocks and dams. It provides a lovely sense of calm,” said Rosemary.

The couple has purchased land in Vintage Hill and already experienced the strong sense of community that Harvest has become known for.

“The private Facebook page for residents and purchasers is fantastic. Everyone is so excited and there’s a really good vibe,” said Rosemary.

“We discuss things like the building process, fencing and retaining walls but importantly we’re getting to know our neighbours. Everyone’s going through the same thing at the same time, and people are so welcoming. Just last night I was chatting online to the people who will be living behind us,” Rosemary said.

As Rosemary and Robert purchased their land during the Flight Centre travel voucher promotional period, they were recently presented with a $5000 voucher for travel to the destination of their choice.

“When it was time for everyone to collect their travel vouchers, Harvest hosted a lovely supper. They could have just asked people to come and collect the voucher but they didn’t. Just like the Welcome Pack we received, this event showed that Harvest is different from other new estates in the area,” said Rosemary.

“The voucher was certainly a nice bonus. Now we just need to agree on whether we cruise to Alaska or around the Greek Islands!” said Rosemary.

Robert and Rosemary chose to purchase land at Harvest because of its semi-rural location close to Hunter Valley Grammar School which their youngest son Scott attends, and it offers better value for money than other estates.

“Living at Harvest will mean a better commute for all of us, particularly Scott who will no longer need to spend two hours each day on the bus,” Rosemary said.

The couple has decided to build with Coral Homes.

“We looked at a lot of display homes! Coral Homes was recommended to us as offering ‘more bang for your buck’ and we’ve certainly found that to be true. We will receive many inclusions that you will pay extra for with other builders,” Rosemary said.

“So far we’ve been very happy with Coral Homes. The plans for our house are with the certifier and we’ve booked an appointment for colour selection. Things are progressing well,” she said.



2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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