Ellen & Julian

Two years ago Ellen and Julian left the bright lights of Brisbane behind and moved to Maitland, to enable Julian to further his career.

“It’s been a tree change for us, that’s for sure but it has turned out really well. We’re very happy here and love the area,” said Ellen.

As their daughter will soon start school, Ellen and Julian decided that it was time to make connections with the area. For Ellen and Julian, buying a house was a good first step.

“We’re renting not far away from Harvest and have driven past the site many times, even prior to it being developed. We always thought that it would be a great place to live and have been keeping a close eye on it. We were waiting for the land in Vintage Hill to be released,” Ellen said.

The couple considered purchasing an established home in the area and also looked land at other new housing estates.

“Established homes just weren’t right for us. Most didn’t have enough storage space or enough bedrooms for us to have friends and relatives from Queensland to stay comfortably. By building our own home we can get all the features that we want,” said Ellen.

“New estates such as Waterford Country were just too large for us. We love the fact that Harvest will quite small. Hopefully it will have a stronger sense of community than the larger estates.

“Plus we just love Harvest’s location and the fact that it’s not too urban. It’s close to Maitland which is a good sized town with everything you need but it’s also rural. There are plenty of wide open spaces with cows and paddocks,” said Ellen.

Ellen and Julian have purchased a lot in Harvest’s second major land release, Vintage Hill. As its name suggests, Vintage Hill is situated on an elevated area of the site, with views over Four Mile Creek and toward the Watagan Mountains.

“We have bought a corner lot and are building McDonald Jones Homes’ Vienna design. It has all the features we we’re looking for,” Ellen said.

Construction will soon commence on Ellen and Julian’s new home and they are already looking forward to a family holiday when it’s all over! As the couple purchased their land during the Flight Centre travel voucher promotional period, they have received a $5000 voucher for travel to the destination of their choice.

“We always wanted to buy at Harvest but the voucher prompted us to do it sooner rather than later! We’re probably going to go to Hawaii after we’ve finished building,” Ellen said.


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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