Katie Manton & Kieran Giles

Early Childhood Teachers Katie and Kieran, and their young son Tatum are looking forward to making friends with other families when they join the Harvest community.

“Living in a neighbourhood with a strong sense of community and lots of children will be great because we don’t have many young families where we currently live,” said Katie.

“It’s been good to meet other families who are building at Harvest Meet Your Neighbour events. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy spending time together in the community park,” she said.

Kieran has always lived in the area and Katie grew up not far away in Charlestown. The couple have lived in Tarro for the past seven years.

“We love the area and didn’t want to move too far away because it has everything we need, it’s easy to get to work and we have family in the area. We just need a bigger home, that’s what prompted our decision to build at Harvest!” Katie said.

Katie and Kieran were still considering whether to purchase an existing home or land on which to build when they visited the Harvest Sales office at Green Hills Shopping Centre.

“We just went in to have a look. We chatted to Deb and really liked what we learned about the type of neighbourhood that is planned for Harvest,” said Katie.

Harvest’s Sales Consultant, Deb Wright escorted the couple for a private viewing of the Harvest site so they could see for themselves, the view and semi-rural aspect that Harvest offers. Katie and Kieran were impressed with Harvest’s layout and the size of the lots that it was offering.

“We really don’t want to live in a big community, so we like the fact that Harvest will only have around four hundred homes. Plus the lots are larger than many in the area which appealed to us as well,” Kieran said.

Katie and Kieran have decided to work with an architect to design their new home, a decision prompted by their desire to have a house that ticks all their boxes.

“We want something a little bit different from the standard style of home. We’re also keen to ensure that our home is as sustainable as possible,” said Kieran.


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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