Lorelle and Phil Holt


A ‘Maitland girl from way back’, Lorelle Holt loves the area in which she grew up, raised her now adult children and where she and her husband Phil now run successful businesses. The couple will move less than three kilometers from their current home in Thornton when they move into their new Metricon home at Harvest next year. “It’s so friendly around here. It’s the type of place where you pop up to the local shops for a litre of milk and you’ll be gone for an hour because you’ll bump into so many people you know and stop to have a chat,” Lorelle said. Since they first noticed the Harvest signage on Raymond Terrace Road, they have been impressed with the construction team’s progress. “Every time we drive past we are amazed at how quickly it is moving ahead. That’s reassuring. If this is an indication of how AVID Property Group does things, we think it’s a good sign,” said Lorelle.


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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