Prior Family

Brooke and Josh Prior

Thornton couple Brooke and Josh Prior chose to purchase land for their new home at Harvest because it offers large lots that represent good value for money, in a location that is close to their family and friends.

The couple currently live on a 740m² lot. When they decided that it was time to upgrade to a larger home they compared the cost of land at all the local subdivisions.

“We registered our interest in Harvest as soon as the sign went up because we were keen to compare the lot sizes and prices with land available nearby. We were impressed! The lots are generally larger and we found them to be well priced,” said Brooke.

“We were also impressed that we could purchase land off the plan before it is registered. That’s not common in this area. It’s good for us because it allows us to do more research and start planning for our new home,” Brooke said.

Brooke and Josh purchased an 805m² corner lot on which they will build a McDonald Jones’ Somerset Grange, acreage style where they will raise their two young sons, Chace aged 4 and Nate aged 21 months.

“We chose our land first. We wanted a corner lot, as flat as possible, just like everyone else! We were really lucky. It felt like it just fell in our lap,” said Brooke.

The Somerset Grange is a four bedroom, two bathroom single level home featuring an abundance of space. To make the most of their lot, the house will front the longest boundary, with entry to their garage from the shorter boundary.

“It will be great to live in a larger, modern home. Our current home is around 30 years old and although we have renovated it, I’m looking forward to a brand new home,” said Brooke.

Apart from twelve months in Townsville, Brooke and Josh have always lived in the Thornton area. They enjoy the convenience of living close to family and friends and want to raise their sons in the same community.

“At the moment we live on a fairly busy road and it will be great to live in a quieter area with less traffic where the boys can play outside. When they are older they will be able to walk or ride their bikes to the local park,” said Brooke.

Once their land is registered, early in 2015, the couple will commence the construction process of their new home.


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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