First home owner grant incentive for new house

June 22, 2015

Many early land buyers in the Harvest estate at Chisholm have been first home buyers keen to secure the state government’s First Home Owner Grant for new homes before it falls to $10,000 on January 1.

Twenty-one-year-old Emily Allwood and 22-year-old Steve O’Donnell bought land at Harvest in December 2014.

“We’ve been saving for some time now, but the really serious saving has been in the past 12 months. The First Home Owner Grant will definitely be a big help,” Ms Allwood said.

Before talking with Harvest sales consultant Deborah Wright, the couple didn’t know the details of the grant.

“We knew that the grant existed, but didn’t know too much about the process [but] Deborah was great,” Ms Allwood said.

“She explained the eligibility criteria, how to apply and that we would receive the $15,000 once the construction of our home commenced.”

Key eligibility criteria for the grant are that the first home buyer must be an Australian citizen and the property’s value must not exceed $750,000.

The couple had originally planned to buy an existing home in an established area, but decided that they would prefer a new home without the maintenance problems of an older home.

“We looked at land in other new estates in Newcastle and at Waterford County, but they weren’t for us,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“We want to live in a smaller neighbourhood with plenty of open space and wide streets, and that’s what we’ve found at Harvest.

“When we compared the lot sizes and prices at Harvest with land at these other estates we found Harvest to offer better value for money.”


2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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