Five tips for preparing your garden and lawn for winter

May 2, 2018

With winter just around the corner, you may think it’s time to down tools and give up on your garden and lawn. Winter can be a great time to get some of that extra work you’ve been putting off done, and get yourself ready for a bountiful, blooming and luscious spring garden.

  1. There are some great vegetables that suit planting in the cooler months, including seed potatoes, lettuce and cabbage. Plant potatoes, sow lettuce seeds and plant cabbage seedlings in winter and you will enjoy a great harvest come spring.
  2. Apply winter fertiliser to your lawn, preferably making your first application before it starts to get really cold. This will keep your lawn nourished through the colder months and help prepare it for strong growth when spring comes.
  3. Weed and aerate your lawn and garden. During winter, your soil can become compacted and weeds can thrive as your plants suffer from the colder conditions. Keep the weeds at bay and spike your lawn and turn your garden soil to aerate.
  4. Mulch your garden to help insulate the roots of your plants from the cold and stabilise the temperature of your soil.
  5. Prune and tidy your garden. Take advantage of the colder temperatures and slow growth to get your garden tidy, setting up your plants for a great growing season in spring.


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