Hot Tips for expert level Christmas decorating

December 6, 2018

HO- HO-HO! It’s that time of year again. Time to dust off the Christmas tree and get your tinsel on! Have you ever wondered how to reach that “expert level” of Christmas decorating? There’s a real art to it and some people just make it look so effortless!

So, what are the secrets to those beautifully decorated homes in your street?

1. It’s all about the lights

It’s the season to be jolly – the more lights the merrier, don’t let the “light police” ever dim your Christmas sparkle. There are many ways to glam up the inside and the outside of your home with lights. With an attention-grabbing light show and colour scheme, you’ll be sure to create a crowd of light admirers on your doorstep this Christmas.

2. Take your time

Get started early! Technically you’re meant to start Christmas decorating in December, but you’ll still be on Santa’s nice list if you did start a little earlier in November. Ssshhh – nobody will find out. Decorating isn’t a race, so plan out your colours, themes and creative inspirations before hanging up those special Christmas ornaments.

3. Many hands make light work

Turn the decorating into a family event and maybe even a new pre-Christmas tradition. There’s nothing lovelier than working on a project together as a tight-knit family unit. It will be sure to make memories that last a life-time, especially for the little ones.


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