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At AVID Property Group, our goal is simple – to create places where people most love to belong. Our focus is on delivering inspiring places where people thrive and communities flourish.

Across Australia we have a history of building vibrant addresses, engaging and enjoyable places where neighbours form life-long friendships and families build happy memories.

Our community events bring together thousands of local residents and raise funds for important causes close to home.

This very same expertise and commitment to exceptional and personal customer service is behind the creation of Harvest, an address you will be proud to call home.


Ultimately it’s what our new residents believe, not just what we say, when it comes to picking...


FINAL Land for sale

Pick your lot! And Harvest has plenty, from Traditional lots to generously sized Ranch home...



2 Harvest Blvd (off Raymond Terrace Rd)
Chisholm, NSW, 2322

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